The Academy is a unique learning experience that empowers young people to be self-confident, powerful communicators, with the Silicon Valley mindset and 21st century skillset required to flourish in a rapidly-changing world.

The experience has been carefully-designed by a devoted, world-class team of outstanding young leaders - the 225 Academy Mentorsdrawing upon cutting-edge insights from diverse fields such as neuroscience, psychology and theatre to ensure a significant, transformative impact on all those who take part.

Students are coached on how to be personally effective, how to speak confidently and how to think like an entrepreneur. They also learn about the new technologies that are transforming the world. And after the Academy, students become part of the 225 Academy Global Community, with access to additional resources and exciting opportunities beyond the Academy.

What do Participants learn?

Explore the image below to see some examples of sessions that may take place during the Academy.

Infographic Design-01

  • How to give a great talk with confidence
  • How to make new friends and maintain healthy relationships
  • How to interact confidently with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • How to think on your feet and ace any interview

  • Understanding the exponential technologies that are transforming the world
  • How to create the future: artificial intelligence, 3D printing and synthetic biology
  • How to get a job at Google

Personal Development
  • How to master school life and ace your exams
  • How to get into a world-class university
  • How to maintain a healthy mind and body
  • The neuroscience of mindfulness
  • How to think yourself to success
  • Learning how to learn

  • How to start a project, blog or business
  • How to make a living doing what you love
  • How to change the world right now
  • How to be a leader in the 21st Century
  • How to build an exponential organisation

What do students, parents and teachers think?

“It’s amazing to see these young kids being empowered to believe in the art of the possible.”

Bavita Rati


“The Academy matters because it teaches you the essential skills that really help you in life.”

Keshav Rastogi


“The energy and dynamism of the Mentors, each one of them pursuing their own very different careers, is very useful…In the end, it may be one moment, one activity, one person who will change the kids’ lives.”

John Claughton

Chief Master of King Edward’s School Birmingham

To take part in the Academy, please complete the application form below.

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Parent/Guardian’s Info:

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Participant’s Info:

9am  –  Welcome Reception for Participants and Parents

10am  –  Learning Sessions begin

12:30pm  –  Break for Lunch

1:30pm  –  Learning Sessions resume

5pm  –  End of Day 1

9am  –  Inspiration Session

9:45am  –  Learning Sessions begin

12:30am  –  Break for Lunch

1:30pm  –  Learning Sessions resume

5pm  –  End of Day 2

9am  –  Inspiration Session

9:45am  –  Learning Sessions begin

12:30am  –  Break for Lunch

1:30pm  –  Learning Sessions resume

5pm  –  End of Day 3

9am  –  Inspiration Session

9:45am  –  Learning Sessions begin

12:30am  –  Break for Lunch

1:30pm  –  Learning Sessions resume

5pm  –  End of Day 4

9am  –  Inspiration Session

10am  –  Participants begin preparations for the Closing Session*

12:30pm  –  Break for Lunch

2:15pm  –  Closing Session begins

5:30pm  –  End of Academy

*On the final day of the Academy, Participants are given the opportunity to showcase what they have learned and achieved during the Academy to an audience of parents and invited guests.